Privacy FAQs

TCI network is a group of websites designed to become a transcription industry hub. This includes, but not limited to, lessons for prospective transcribers, job board where transcription & translation companies can find the right candidate for their project, transcription products and other services that the company plans to add.

We do not sell your information to any 3rd party. TCI reserves the right to send you newsletter and offer you specific products or service. You will have the option to opt-out when you receive the email from TCI.

The information you have added after you register. TCI may also store your IP address for mapping your location.

Nothing other than your IP address and whatever you have added in your profile, resume or job posting.

We use it mostly for our internal analysis to identify new trends and needs of the transcription community.

Transcribers and Translators information will be visible to anyone who has registered as a transcription or translation company. Job posted by transcription and Translation Company may be visible to any visitor on the website.

Your information is in TCI database until you have deleted your account or posting. Deleted information will be purged regularly from TCI database. Please know that your data can still be in TCI database for months after you have deleted your account.

Login and delete your account. Contact TCI if you are unable to do it.

We store your data behind firewall designed to stop hackers from intruding. Firewall is updated regularly to prevent breaches. However, TCI cannot guarantee that its database cannot be breached.

Please do not add any personal information that you do not want to be exposed. Especially, do not put your social security number, date of birth, street address and any other information like mother's maiden name etc. that you use for positive identification at other institutions like your bank etc.

TCI may use cookies for its own remarketing purpose. You should be able to block/clear cookies on your computer if that is what you want.

No. cookies only contain your IP address.

TCI uses industry standard remarketing companies. It may show advertisement on sites that you visit.

Remarketing happens only after you have visited a website. TCI is not tracking your activity and does not know what you will be doing on the internet.

No, no one is tracking what jobs you looked at or which resumes you saw on the job board.

TCI will send you regular newsletter and may send you some specials. You will have the option to opt-out and stop getting emails.

Click on unsubscribe button in the email footer.

TCI personnel and registered transcription & translation companies.

TCI personnel can view your account information.

You should contact the company directly and tell them that you are not interested. TCI cannot intervene on your behalf.

TCI may make announcement to employers when a new resume matching their requirements is posted.

You or employers will have no access to your resumes immediately after deletion. TCI will have access to it until it is permanently removed during its regular purge on deleted information.

Employer will contact you through email or phone call to the contact information you have given on your profile/resume.

Every employer has its own process for processing job application. TCI has no role in that process. You may want to ask this question to employers directly if this is important for you.

TCI forum will have independent registration/login. TCI will see registration information and public will only see your posted information.

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