This job board is dedicated to matching transcribers and translators with companies or professionals looking for work-from-home independent contractors OR for full- time positions.

Transcribers and Translators

Are you looking for full- time or part- time transcription or translation work? If yes, upload your resume on this job board. This job board is exclusively meant for transcribers and translators. Once you upload your resume, employers can browse through your profile, shortlist you and send you a letter of interest. When uploading your resume select the right categories. This enables employers to find you easily. You can also directly apply to companies that make their job listing public. Some popular jobs getting searched by companies on this job board are:

  • General Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Spanish Transcription
  • Mandarin Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Spanish to English Translation
  • English to Spanish Translation
  • Mandarin to English Translation
  • Arabic to English Translation
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Employers at transcription and translation companies use this portal to search for transcribers and translators whenever they have a requirement. This job board has transcribers and translators with diverse skills that are unique, specific or general. You will be spoilt for choice! Find the right transcriber or translator that matches your requirements easily.

You can hire by experience, skill, location, certification or whatever your requirement is. Currently, our database consists of transcribers that specialize in academic, legal, focus groups, medical and general transcription.

We also have media specialists for captioning and video transcription.

The language skills of our translators range from prevalent languages like Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic to not so common languages like Slovene, Romanian, Swahili and more.

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